About Us

Oxford Treatment Center is a truly unique experience that offers:

  • A tranquil getaway on 110 acres of wooded, rolling hills in Mississippi.
  • Experienced medical and care staff dedicated to your recovery.
  • Alternative treatment options including equine therapy.
  • Support for every stop on the recovery journey; from transportation to detox to aftercare.

About Oxford Treatment Center

If you’re looking to take the first steps towards recovery in a serene, natural environment, look no further than Oxford Addiction Treatment Center in Etta, Mississippi. Our incredible staff at this American Addiction Centers (AAC) facility includes expert and passionate caregivers dedicated to providing high-quality clinical-based treatment for addiction and many co-occurring disorders.

Our main campus stretches across 110 beautiful acres of wooded, rolling hills. Situated around a picturesque private lake are our main lodge, medical services facilities, patient cabins, fitness center, equestrian center, and outdoor pavilions. Yes, you read that right: an equestrian center.

When your journey towards sobriety calls for it, our range of therapy options—including mindfulness, Native American healing, and equine therapy—will inspire your recovery.

Care Designed Exclusively for You

We offer so many types of clinical-based care and therapy options because we understand that no two people—or recovery experiences—are the same. By providing a diverse selection of treatment approaches and options, we know that there is one that will fit your specific journey to sobriety. From medical detox through in or outpatient treatment, even into sober living and aftercare planning, our professional staff have the right approach for you.

Oxford Treatment Center is owned by American Addiction Centers and is licensed through the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services.

The center is accredited by CARF International and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Its alumni program extends support for those in recovery. To learn more about community and alumni events at Oxford Treatment Center contact us at hello@www.oxfordtreatment.com.

Reach out to us anytime at hello@oxfordtreatment.com


Oxford Treatment Center is an American Addiction Centers facility. We do not host any form of advertisement on this website, no funding is generated from any advertising or external sources, and there is no conflict of interest to disclose on this website or the content herein. Our funding is generated by substance abuse treatment services provided at our facilities.