Alumni programs broaden reach for 2019

Oxford Treatment Center is redesigning its programs for alumni in 2019

So that more people can access support and take advantage of free substance free events.The program will shift from frequent small events to less-frequent bigger events, with more advance notice. CEO Mark Sawyer said the change makes sense, given that most alumni do not live in North Mississippi.

“Our patients today come to us from across the country,” Sawyer said. “Our alumni program was initially designed to support people in recovery locally. But our alumni community today is scattered far and wide. We want to give people plenty of time to plan their travels when they’d like to return, and more ways to stay in touch in the meantime.”

We want to give people plenty of time to plan their travels when they’d like to return, and more ways to stay in touch in the meantime.

Weekly alumni meetings at the Oxford Outpatient Center will be replaced with a monthly alumni meeting, slated for the first Friday evening of each month.

Monthly special events are moving to once a quarter. The first special event of 2019 will be a Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Game on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019 at 7 p.m. To register for the game, click here.

Additional alumni events for 2019 will include:

Summer: Alumni Softball Game

Fall: Alumni Reunion

Winter: Holiday Party

Alumni programming at Oxford Treatment Center will now be led by an Alumni Support Team. The team will plan events, call alumni to check on them, and be available to respond alumni needs.

The initial team includes Community Relations Representative Brian Whisenant; Clinical Consultant Amy Woodward, CADC; and Resolutions Admissions Coordinator Jake Linton, CPSSP.

“In recovery, having group support is a real asset,” Whisenant said.  “I believe this team is going to be a real advantage to the alumni program.  I am really excited to begin this journey with our alumni and the alumni support team.”

We hope to strengthen the recovery community with and through our alumni.  Meetings will be a time that patients can learn and alumni can give back to the facility that changed their way of life.

To reach out to the Alumni Support Team, call (662) 607-0002 or email

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