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    Our Accreditations and Memberships

    Oxford Treatment Center’s main campus at Etta and sober living facility in Oxford are premier drug addiction rehab centers in rural Mississippi. But what makes them premier? Our staff are…

    • testeves
    New School Year, New Sober You!

    Back to school season is upon us! Its pretty hard to believe, right? With temperatures still heating up across the nation, the thought of going back to school seems crazy…

    • Lucy Schultze
    AAC CEO visits Etta campus

    Therapeutic relationship remains central to evolving approach for addiction treatment The high-tech transformation of addiction treatment through new technologies like brain scanning will be grounded by a clinical mainstay: The…

    • testeves
    Oxford’s Equine Therapist Wins Prestigious Scholarship

    Horses. The animals are known in human society as beasts of burden or the ideal mode of transportation before the automobile hit the market. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s…