At Oxford Treatment Center, our philosophy of mind-body-spirit is more than a motto. We are committed to investing in the whole person, because finding new ways to experience and enjoy life is key to sustaining recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our treatment program is structured to include a rich range of experiential therapies in which each patient will take part. These aspects of our program are designed to help patients process the thoughts and feelings they will experience during their time in treatment. At the same time, these sessions build hope for the future — affirming that a life free from drugs and alcohol can include surprising new dimensions.

You’ll find a wealth of new ways to experience life and express yourself.

Equine Therapy

A signature piece in Oxford Treatment Center’s residential treatment program is Equine Therapy. It’s a powerful means of learning new instincts for healthy living — trusting nature’s experts to lead the way.

Under the direction of a Certified Equine Therapy Specialist, patients at Oxford Treatment Center will interact with horses for a minimum of 10-12 hours during their stay. For many, the long trail rides through Oxford Treatment Center’s many miles of nature paths are a highlight of their experience.

Equine Therapy is about much more than just recreational riding. Work and observation in the world of horses lends itself to powerful metaphors into the patient’s self-defeating patterns of behavior and nonverbal messages. Equine-assisted therapy helps patients more fully recognize their self-defeating behaviors while also building upon their individual strengths.

Horses are skilled at keeping themselves safe. They know how to survive. The choices they make are naturally those which protect their own wellbeing. For addicts and alcoholics, there is much to learn from equine instincts.

“The serenity and peace of mind I experienced from working with horses is unbelievable. For the first time in many years, I’m starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.”


Ropes Course Therapy

The wooded terrain surrounding Oxford Treatment Center campus provides a shaded setting for the Challenge Course, a series of outdoor elements and obstacles which patient groups overcome together through trust and teamwork. The course includes low ropes elements — a series of cables, ropes and obstacles strung between trees or poles, 12 to 18 inches off the ground. A trained therapist works with each patient group to ensure safety and propose challenges, inviting the group to work together to find solutions.

The course presents tests of physical strength, stamina, agility, balance and flexibility. It invites patients to confront emotional issues such as the fear of falling, the fear of failure, and the fear of losing control. The experience gives patients a physical way to cooperate with one another, practice decision-making, broaden their comfort zones, build trust and develop leadership. It also builds self-esteem and provides an outlet for positive risk taking.

Our course adheres to the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology and receives an annual inspection to ensure compliance, effectiveness and safety.

Art Therapy

Oxford Treatment Center’s art therapy program ranges from simple therapeutic painting to therapist-led visual expression. Art therapy can unlock new ways of looking at life and the influences that have fed addiction.

Music Therapy

_MG_2664 copyFrom conveying emotions through the rhythm of a drumbeat, to reflecting together on the lyrics of a classic song, Music Therapy adds new dimensions of expression as patients journey along the road to recovery. At Oxford Treatment Center, music therapy takes place in small groups. Sessions may range from music meditation to collaborative lyric writing.